Our youth hold the future of
hunting in their hands.  We feel
that it is our obligation as
hunters, not our option, to teach
these young people how
enjoyable, character building,
and essential hunting is to
wildlife management.

The following are just a few
examples of the effort and
dedication this Chapter puts into
that philosophy:

Our members volunteer hundreds of hours each year
teaching ADF&G Hunter Education programs.  We
purchased a portable laser shooting system that is being
used to teach Hunter Education in the local schools with
tremendous acceptance by the students and educators

Each year this Chapter takes a group of under-privileged
youth on an ADF&G sponsored educational moose hunt.   
They’re first given a gun safety demonstration and
hunting ethics talk.  Then they’re taken to the field where
a chapter member shoots a Moose.  The youngsters then
clean the animal, quarter it and pack it out to the vehicle.   

One of the local butchers then shows them how to cut up
one quarter and they cut up the rest of it and wrap the
meat for distribution between their families.  

We give up to four scholarships a year to local youth to
attend college and we send one or more educators to
attend the American Wilderness Leadership School each
year in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

We purchased rifles for the local Young Marines
Marksmanship Program; shotguns and bow/arrows for the
4-H Shooting Programs and a competition Biathlon rifle
for a young local Olympic hopeful.
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